Mrs. Zahacy Grade 3/4

Mrs.Z with Christmas Lights

  Hi! My name is Mrs. Zahacy - Some of you may remember me as Ms. Payne from my time at Joussard school in 2017-2018! I have since gotten married, taught at HPE for a year and had another beautiful daughter, so I have been quite busy. I enjoy being outdoors, reading whenever I can, and spending time with family, which I have been able to do a lot in the past year while on maternity leave. That being said, I am more than ready to be back in the classroom and getting to see old faces as well as many new ones!

The first term of the year has come and gone, and grade 43 is happy to be welcoming some old friends back from At-Home-Learning. As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it can be easy for us to feel sleepy and grumpy about the weather on occasion. Our class has been working on using strategies from the Zones of Regulation to recognize our emotions in order to help us regulate them in order to be our best selves at school. This applies at home, too! Ask your child about the Zones and which zone they are in right now. Though Christmas is fast approaching, we still have a great deal of learning to accomplish. Our classroom will be a busy, festive place very soon, but it is so important for students to keep up regular attendance and get enough sleep to be ready for the day ahead! I am looking forward to learning with the students for the rest of the year! 

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